Have you ever walked down the street at an unreasonably late hour? When the night was almost over, but the sun had yet to rise? When the sky was a dull gray or deep purple and the air was cold and still? Did you feel all alone in a lonely world?

You are not alone. The Ninth Hour of Night is here at last.

The Ninth Hour of Night is a time, a place, a feeling. It's in-between here and there, now and then. It's a liminal space. It's where the City of the Dead is, where the Lost Children roam. It's where the Lonely Hunters wait and watch. The Ninth Hour is everywhere and nowhere.

The Ninth Hour of Night is here at last.

What Is This?[edit | edit source]

This is a setting within the Fear Mythos, primarily influenced by film noir and Urban Gothic.

List of Blogs set in the Ninth Hour.

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